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6 thoughts on “Subscription confirmation

  1. Hi Amy!
    Happy Birthday! It was great to meet you yesterday! I hope you’ve had a great day today and I wish you a very happy and successful year, whatever that might mean to you!! I read your blog today and really enjoyed it! And, btw, I’m 54 and single….Nothing to worry about…we’re all ageless anyway, right? Christine

  2. Thank for sharing….being a voice! ..saw you on channel 11. Everyday mom…..walking on shells….my life, 16 years ago….raised 4 by myself….2 in college, 2 in high school….not a victim,.just survivor by CHOICE! Look forward to following you on FB!

  3. I am 51 and married man 10 years younger .I had a baby with him at 41.He been cheating on me I told him to get out but he won’t leave.Its been a year now and were stil leaving together He wants to stay but I can’t get over this. Help

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